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Stirred and birthed from the beauty of the northwoods, here you'll find a little corner dedicated to exploring the magnificence and benefits of nature's abundance in pursuit of a happier, healthier, and more inspired life - empowering you to do the same. 

Welcome to the world of Frank + Cedar

Misty Forest Reflection
Brainstorming and experimenting with our signature line!


Here, we believe that simpler is better. That nature can be just as effective, if not more so, than what's created in a lab. That less is really more when it comes to glowing skin and fresh clean laundry. That in the in the words of Aristotle, nature makes well.

In a world laden with toxic chemicals -  where artificially created has become the norm, we're here to remind us all that nature, (along with each and every one of us) has it's own simple, powerful and abundant magic.

Herbs and Minerals


Curious about tapping into the power of essential oils, but feel a little overwhelmed on just where to start? We're here to help! Join us on this journey towards discovering nature's magic.

We'll get you set up with a starter kit (w/ 11 of the most versatile oils, a free diffuser + more ), the chance to customize your own personal monthly wellness box (including freebies)  and access to exclusive training and resources. Plus, we'll personally be here every step of the way.

Wooden sink


Let us help you practice some of your own magic and the art of self care with a class and make and takes. 

We'll all whip up a few beauty treatments or clean home comforts to experience together and then take home.

Recipes, pricing and experience tailored to meet individual needs.



Hi, I'm Mary, a Minnesconnie mama to two boys.

I truly believe that nature has provided us most of what we need to thrive, and that self care is an achievable priority, not an indulgence that costs and arm and a leg.

Somewhere in our busyness we've forgotten that if we don't have our health, we don't have much else. It is impossible to pour from a cup that isn't properly filled.

Disheartened and angry with the toxic chemically laden, costly and empty promise personal and household care industries, I created Frank + Cedar to inspire and empower others to take charge of their wellbeing by switching to safer and better products, to prioritize self-care and love and to live with intention to 

consciously create the life they imagine.

Frank is short for frankincense, and Cedar is short for cedarwood - two of my very favorite essential oils. Both boast a range of beauty and wellness benefits. They remind me of the peaceful northwoods where I spent my summers growing up (without central air, screens or technology - not even a telephone!

Quite hard to imagine these days, isn't it!?)

We only get one life. Why not make it beautiful, happy and healthy?

I'd love for you to join me on this journey!

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Want to join our team? Collaborate? Ask a question? Have a great idea? 

 We'd love to hear from you!

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Frankincense has been used to increase spiritual awareness and meditation. It is considered a holy oil in the Middle East  and was used during ancient ceremonies to help improve communication with God.


Cedarwood was traditionally used by the Native Americans to enhance their spiritual communication, creating the symbolic effect of the umbrella protecting the earth and brining energy in from the universe - just as the wild animals would lie down under the tree for protection to recharge and rejuvinate.

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Each and every product or recipe featured here has been personally tested or created, unless otherwise noted. 

A note on safety:

The recipes, products and advice presented on this site do not guarantee results and should not be used for treating a serious health problem or disease. Please exercise caution and consult with your personal health practitioner before applying any recipe represented here if you have concerns. Nature can be potent, so please do a patch test for any new products or treatments, especially if you have sensitive skin. Individual experiences will vary, the testimonials here represent my own anecdotal experience and research, and I cannot be held responsible for claims resulting from information found here.

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